What is candid wedding photography?

Candid Photography is a style of photography that captures the moments and emotions of a wedding in a natural and unposed manner. It focuses on capturing genuine and spontaneous moments rather than staged or posed shots. The photographer aims to document the wedding day as it unfolds, capturing the real emotions, interactions, and expressions of the couple and their guests.

In candid wedding photography, the photographer typically remains unobtrusive, blending into the background and capturing moments as they happen without interfering or directing the subjects. This allows for authentic and candid shots that truly reflect the atmosphere and emotions of the wedding day.

Candid Photography often includes a mix of close-up shots, candid portraits, and candid group shots. The goal is to capture the essence of the wedding, the joy, laughter, tears, and all the special moments that make the day unique and memorable.

Many couples appreciate candid wedding photography because it captures the true emotions and candid moments that they may have missed during the hustle and bustle of the wedding day. It creates a more natural and storytelling approach to wedding photography, providing a beautiful and authentic representation of the couple’s special day.