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Dhanasekar K

I’m a photographer who brings exceptional knowledge and enthusiasm to every photo shoot.

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Mr. Muthu Manohar | USA

Testimonials / No Comment / May 10, 2017

We leveraged Big Film for our parents’ Sashtiapthapoorthi function, held in Madurai. We were extremely impressed by the quality, creativity and professionalism shown by the team over the two day event.

The way Dhana Sekar and his team captured the key moments, and how they were integrated into an overall album was stupendous. The team fused traditional and candid photographic techniques with ease, making all of us go back again and again to view the photographs and album.

Their work ethic and product made the experience so much more memorable. Some specific instances come to mind. They communicated exact times and locations where they preferred to shoot in advance of the event, including where and when they wanted to get group family portrait photographs.

This made planning the whole event much easier, as they had determined this based on our schedule. We also communicated that we are starting the function early the following morning, and without hesitation, Dhanasekar and his team made themselves available. It is difficult to see such professional ethics today.

Overall, we are very glad that we requested their services for an important life event, and look forward to engaging them for future events.



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