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About Me
Dhanasekar K

I’m a photographer who brings exceptional knowledge and enthusiasm to every photo shoot.

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About Me

Welcome To Big Photography

You Chase your Profession, Money will Chase You.
- Dhanasekar K, Creative Head

Every creator want to take their chances in directing a film as a dream.
I already tried in that and came to know, that i can get interest only I move on to do wedding events.

Wedding events, which I consider as a movie involves two major roles. A Bride and a Bridegroom. they play the role of an actor and actresses,
the people and the venue took me to the story and make me to feel the good ambience. Everything depends on the presence of the crowd.

Just like how the Director tries his best to make his film a big success. The same way I'm trying to convey the best story which i have been seeing in that event.


Late Mr. Rajeev Gandhi
Mr. Anandhan
Mr. KL Raja Ponsing
Founder and Director at Ambitions4 Photography Academy